VenomVet Distribution:

If you are interested in purchasing VenomVet™ please contact the following:

source link For the United States:


Vedco, Inc.

5503 Corporate Drive, St.
Joseph, MO 64507
(210) 863-4604

Vedco supplies VenomVet™ to the following distributors who can be contacted direct to purchase VenomVet™ :

Henry Schein Animal Health 

Merritt Veterinary Supply

Midwest Veterinary Supply

Miller Veterinary Supply

MWI Veterinary Supply

Patterson Veterinary Supply

Penn Veterinary Supply

Victor Medical Company

For VCA facilities:
Vet Source
17014 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97230

All VCA facilities may order VENOMVET™ through the ZOASIS ordering system and orders will be fulfilled by Vet Source.
Questions concerning orders for VCA should be directed to Vet Source at (877) 738-8883.