Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is VenomVet™ a licensed and legal product for sale and distribution in the United States?

A: VenomVet™ went through a multiyear review process under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) which is the only federal agency that can approve the use of antivenin by veterinarians. After meeting all USDA requirements for safety and efficacy, VenomVet™ was issued a sale and distribution permit for VenomVet™ to be sold to and used by veterinarians to treat canines who are bitten by rattlesnakes, copperheads, and water moccasins.

Q: Has VenomVet™ undergone any clinical trials?

A: VenomVet™ was required to submit Clinical Trial Protocols to the USDA in order to conduct actual field studies on actual veterinary cases where canines were bitten by Crotalids and taken to a veterinary office for treatment. These clinical trials followed a detailed procedure to establish the safety and efficacy of VenomVet™ in the treatment of canines bitten by Crotalids.
Clinical trials were conducted over a number of months in three geographical regions of the United States-the West, Southwest and South. All of the clinical trial data from the canines treated with VenomVet™ throughout the United States was submitted to the USDA Center for Veterinary Biologics for review and evaluation by the USDA Center for Biologics. On April 23, 2014, the USDA Center for Veterinary Biologics approved MT Venom’s application to import VenomVet™ for sale and distribution to veterinarians for use in the treatment of canines bitten by Crotalids.

To see a summary of the Clinical Trials conducted throughout the United States please click on: “Clinical Trials Summary”.

In addition, the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine, conducted additional clinical trials on actual cases brought into the College of Veterinary Medicine Emergency Department. Dr. Carsten Brandt, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, presented his findings at the International Veterinary and Critical Care Society Conference in Indianapolis in September 2014. The University of Florida has entered into a multiyear agreement with MT Venom, LLC to use VenomVet™ in the treatment of canines brought to the University of Florida Veterinary Emergency Department who have been bitten by Crotalids.

Q: What technology does VenomVet™ use to combat the effects of Crotalid venin toxins?

A: VenomVet™ is obtained from the blood of healthy horses that have been immunized with Crotalid venoms. It is a polyvalent antivenin treatment that is produced under sterile and nonpyrogenic conditions using F(ab)2 Technology. Third party research provides that F(ab)2 is created by a pepsin digestion of purified IgG. It has a longer half-life and remains in the vascular compartment longer than F(ab) technology based products. Another significant difference is that it has two antigen binding sites per molecule and works by binding and neutralizing venom toxins. Once neutralized, it facilitates the redistribution of the neutralized toxins away from target tissues and they are then eliminated from the body.

From a safety standpoint the technology fully eliminates the Fc fragment. This significantly reduces hypersensitivity reactions during administration to envenomation victims.

To watch a short video on the VenomVet™ technology please click here to watch.

To watch a detailed explanation of VenomVet™ biologics, please watch this video which is an interview with Dr. Juan Carlos Lopez who is the Director of manufacturing of VenomVet™: click here to watch.

Q: Can VenomVet™ be used in combination with any other antivenin product?

A: No. VenomVet™ should not be used in connection with any other antivenin product as the products are different and the biologics of each product work differently.

Q: What is the expiry on each vial of VenomVet™?

A: Each vial of VenomVet™ has a three year expiry from the date the product is finished and bottled for sale and distribution. The expiration date of each vial is printed on the label.

Q: Can VenomVet™ be used to treat animals other than canines?

A: VenomVet™ is approved for use in treating canines only. No clinical trials were conducted using other animals.


Q: How is VenomVet™ administered and does it come with a dosing chart?

A: The product insert states as follows:

It is recommended to mix each vial of antivenin with 100ml – 150mls of a crystalloid fluid and administer IV slowly while taking into consideration the patient’s weight and overall fluid load. Completed infusions can be reached at 30 minutes – 1 hour.

As with other equine derived antivenins, monitor the patient closely over the first 10 minutes for signs of hypersensitivity reactions. If one occurs then stop the infusion and when safe to resume, administer at a slower rate.

The number of 10ml vials used on each patient will vary and will be based upon the severity classification of each case, your clinical judgment, the snakebite severity score and coagulation times.
Discontinuation of treatment depends upon the normalization of the state of the patient and resolution of all symptoms, which indicates neutralized venom activity.

The product must not be injected at the site of the bite or perifocal area.

It is expected the most cases will require one to two vials of VenomVet™ and could require more if the case is severe or the treatment is started more than six hours after the envenomation.

No dosing chart is available.

Q: What are the storage conditions for VenomVet™?

A: Because VenomVet™ only requires refrigeration between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit it is ready to use immediately and requires no mixing and waiting as with all other antivenin products on the market. It is recommended that the product not be frozen.

Q: Can VenomVet™ only be administered with sterile saline?

A: The product insert recommends the administration of VenomVet™ with a crystalloid fluid.

Q: How does a veterinarian determine whether to give VenomVet™ over 30 or 60 minutes?

A: The rate of infusion depends on the size of the animal. Faster infusion is the better choice but the veterinarian needs to avoid/control liquid overdose. Also the first milliliters should be administered slowly to check the appearance of secondary reactions.

Q: Is VenomVet™ the same or similar to other antivenins that may be available?

A: No. VenomVet™ is the only antivenin product approved in the last twenty five years by USDA to be imported for distribution and sale to veterinarians in the United States. It is a proprietary formula using F(ab)2 technology.

VenomVet™ is produced in Argentina by a well-respected manufacturer that has been producing antivenins for human use since 1983 as well as other pharmaceuticals. MT Venom LLC has the exclusive right to import VenomVet™ for sale in the United States. VenomVet™ has completed clinical trials for safety and efficacy through reviewed clinical trial protocols under the jurisdiction of the USDA. Based on the data from the clinical trials submitted to the USDA, VenomVet™ was authorized for sale as safe and effective in the treatment of canines envenomed by Crotalids when the directions provided with the product are followed.

Q: How does VenomVet™ compare with other antivenins that may be available?

We believe VenomVet™ is the best antivenin product on the market for use by veterinarians in the treatment of canines envenomed by Crotalids. VenomVet™ uses new F(ab)2 technology and it has been proven in actual case clinical trial studies to be safe and effective.